You are the master of your destiny, you are the captain of your sea

Vision One Academy unleashes the visionary in you with the most advanced methodology in performance coaching. Designed for entrepreneurs, professionals, teams and individuals, join us in maximising your fullest creative potential.

What is coaching?

Coaching is a creative journey where you get to invent a powerful vision of you and your reality

Coaching is a collaborative, thought-provoking, solution-focused, and results-driven process where the coach facilitates your growth and development in work and life. In a coaching journey, you are always in the driver’s seat. Think of a coach as your personal GPS system that supports, stretches and work with you to reach your goal.

Explore how we will collaborate to invent a powerful vision of you and your reality

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Introspection+ Insights+ Intervention= Inventiveness

Behind our coaching experience is a surgical and structured methodology rooted in the power of your vision. Our methods are aligned to the highest standards set by the International Coaching Federation and driven by neuroscience.

No two “maps of the world”, or the mind, is ever alike. We work with the potential that you already have and we believe that you are already an expert in your life.

But what got you here, won’t get you there. if you could face obstacles, limiting beliefs and whatever the world throws at you with a level of creativity, clarity, confidence and conviction, what would your map of the world look like?

Our coaching experience is a safe, confidential and non-judgmental space that allows you to explore the thinking behind your thinking and to invent a powerful vision of you and your reality.


Our suite of coaching experiences is designed towards a powerful vision of you

For individual or teams, professionals or leaders, our suite of coaching experiences is designed to create results and unlock the visionary in you. Whether through our 12-hour one-on-one coaching in VisionCore™, a 3-day personal development program in VisionBootcamp™, or our 6-month VisionLeadership™ series, the power of self-invention rings true. Along with an ever-expanding network of visionaries in VisionCircles™, you will not only enjoy support but also gain the opportunity to empower others.


For individuals. Our one-on-one signature coaching experience gears towards the power of your self-invention, unlocking the visionary in you.


Coming soon: For a group of more than 5 participants. This 3-day coaching experience provides powerful frameworks and techniques towards being a visionary. Includes everything in VisionCore™.


Coming soon: For a group of more than 5 leaders. Explore coaching techniques and frameworks to lead your team. This 6-month program Includes 3 days of training and a total of 12 hours of group telecalls.


Coming soon: Join a community of visionaries and explore how other leaders such as yourself lead the world. In this safe and empowering space, everyone wants you to succeed.


RL, consultant

“Zul’s words and tone sinks into my heart, and I am grateful for his presence. I am enthused to have had such a wonderful coach in my journey!”

JK, award-winning mixologist

“Growing up, I was quiet because talking could get me in trouble at home, and I hated being compared to, so these made me an angry person with opinions but didn’t know how to express it.

I was given lessons by a coach and that is Zul. I remember the first day I met him, I was in a rocky state because I was unsure of my own identity, afraid of offending people by voicing my opinions.

Today, I have learned so much from Zul about presenting the best version of myself, in today’s age where bartenders are in the public eye.

Am I still afraid of what people might think? I have become more confident of my voice, my identity, my virtues and my flaws.

Today was the last session with Zul, he told me on the first day that he is not a psychiatrist or doctor or any person to help me with my personal life, that is not true as I have overcome a hurdle that has bothered me since young. And I learned so much.”

MW, business broker

“Zul has been an amazing coach and he really has the ability to draw the goodness in you to become better than when you first started. He makes the session comfortable and really empowers you to do better the next time around! Just try one round with him and you’ll see how your entire perspective change!”

IL, published writer

“Like most aspiring authors who live in an affluent society, I grapple with having to balance the demands of a traditional career path with the desire to further my creative ambitions.

When I commenced on the coaching sessions with Zul, I had lost momentum on a story, and had not written anything for months. I also struggled with the fear of criticism over certain elements I wanted to include and had essentially lost the plot.

The sessions helped to articulate and clarify the vision for my work, and consequently regain the drive to complete it.

Zul also helped to identify the opportunities which could open up once I complete the entire body of work within which the story takes place, and this has added tremendously to my determination to see my goal to completion.

I had initially signed up for six sessions, but completed my objective by the third session, which was within two months.

I would highly recommend Zul as a consultant and coach for anyone facing a daunting creative endeavor. He will be able to provide the right counsel by drawing on his professional experience, empathy, authenticity and most of all, the strength of his character.”

Personal and professional credentials are omitted to respect the confidentiality of the clients.


From tools to techniques and stories that inspire breakthroughs, discover ways to invent your vision.


To go fast, do it alone.To go far, do it together

Coaching sessions are led by Zul Andra. The founder and Principal of Vision One Academy has experienced coaching since the late-90s and is a certified executive coach.

Zul’s style of coaching focuses on introspection, intervention, insights and inventiveness and adheres to the highest standards set by the International Coaching Federation. With Zul as your coach, you’ll get to:

Create inspiring and meaningful goals that you’ve always wanted in your life
Explore, identify and acknowledge your thinking, framework and mechanisms
Take action and succeed with a level of creativity, clarity, confidence and conviction

Zul is also an award-winning editor and writer, with over 30 media team awards under his belt. and has been in the creative industry since 2005. Vision One Academy is a brand from creative consortium, Zul Andra & Partners which includes storytelling academy, Editorship; media production agency, Meta; and dialogue organiser, Deep Fried Future.

“Remember that there is only one important time and it is Now. The present moment is the only time over which we have dominion. The most important person is always the person with whom you are, who is right before you, for who knows if you will have dealings with any other person in the future? The most important pursuit is making that person, the one standing at your side, happy, for that alone is the pursuit of life.”

Leo Tolstoy